The last place he wanted to be was there being reminded that things were falling apart. Then I called him to say goodnight and I am sure he meant to send me to voicemail but he accidentally answered and I could hear him crying. So I went right over there and walked in to him throwing a box around breaking some DVDs. I saw him reach for his laptop and grabbed it before he could throw it too. The apartment was a mess. That the DVDs were a gift to Jiyong hyung.

*\(^▽^)/* The Official NYONGTORY Thread ؛ [GD-SEUNGRI] ’،!

Okay, I am currently obsessed with YG. I’m a huge V. I have started liking these 2 bands since 5 months ago, and I also knew about Nyongtory and Daragon 4 months ago, but these 2 have been growing on me lately.

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What is wrong with fans? This kid is 27 years old. He has spent 10 years building an empire around him. Why is the entirety of Asia losing its shit for a man dating? It is normal for people to find comfort in the company of others whether they are in a serious relationship or not with a person or multiple people unless like he cheating on one with another- not about that adultery man.

People are allowed to have relations albeit casual or sexual with other people. You guys act like he fucking sold his soul to YG, his fans, and the entertainment industry so that means he has to live his entire fucking life single and alone so that fans can fantasize about being with him or him being with people they approve of.

Seungri is a singer and an artist. He writes and releases songs and he advertises them hardcore so that people will love the songs. Behind close doors he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

Hot Gri moment

Please log in to report this content? No comment at all, no one opened his mouths among the three of us, we just walk silently toward cafeteria. Once there, TOP-hyung and Yongbae-hyung starting arguing with each other, I just sit quietly between them, watching them argue.

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I was just going to leave the feeling be but since michan-ah said i should just do it lol here it is. I hope you all like it and please feel free to leave me some comments or share it. You and Kiseok have been dating for 3 years and thought everything was going fine until he broke your heart. Mature for language Pairing: Everyone rushing to catch their flights, loved ones saying goodbye to each other holding on as if it was their last time seeing one another. Then again there was the opposite side of the negative, the reunion of the loved ones.

You would see men picking up their women and peppering them with light kisses or parents hugging their children happy to have them back home. Today sadly that was not the welcoming you would be getting as your boyfriend was unable to get away from his work.

Big Bang Amino

He is one of the most well rounded artist in kpop. He sings, dances, composes, choreographs, produces not a lot of people know that for his first mini album in , Seungri co-produced and wrote six of the seven songs. In his second album he composed and produced all the songs and he made it like in 2 or 3 weeks.

Usac, 20, the beginning-combined with commercial are they dating nyongtory fanfic companies. Islands, the basics of events in the creation of speed dating relationships. Islands, the basics of events in the creation of speed dating relationships.

So as an answer to the confession talking about the two moments when Guts annoyed them. I agree with the first point. I have actually started seeing a pattern of Guts trying to avoid, distract himself or quickly diffuse any situations which involved him having to see Griffith in discomfort or a degree of vulnerability. Oh and the Casca thing, oh boy the Casca thing.

They were adorable no doubt. To me the Sudden Romantic Twist came out of absolutely nowhere. There is an in fact an interview where Kentaro Miura mentions that he had never intended to have Guts and Casca be linked romantically in the beginning, it was only much later he thought it would add an interesting dimension to the plot. And to me at least that was very evident.

Of course Miura is a master storyteller so once the plot point was written he wrote it with great conviction and made it real. And being the genius he is Miura had us convinced in no time. Because factually it is incorrect.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Seungri was constantly being hit by the gifts. At first, Jiyong was laughing at him but when he realised that Seungri is in pain, he immediately rushed forward to protect him. I know of someone who works in the entertainment industry in the security department. He recently called me out to have a drink and I agreed.

You are a young trainee sent to South Korea from the States, for the first trainee exchange program with YG Entertainment. There,you became an apprentice to a producer called G-Dragon. GD had always | Tags: gri you nyongtory nyongtori.

It was the beggining of the famous asian award show, MAMA. You picked your fingernails nervously and fiddled with the edges of your white and gold dress. What if HE was going to be here. You thought, as you recalled the memories of your broken heart and all the pain he had caused you. You were partnered with Kai for your red carpet walk as your management wanted the two of you to please the fans since they always shipped the two of you together.

But you were worried that HE would show up – your ex, Youngbae. Or as everybody calls him now, Taeyang, from Bigbang. You were far from okay. Today, almost everybody from the YG family would be here. Your previous family… before you and Youngbae broke up and you transferred to SMent. You shook your head off the memories. With Kai, you thought, as you looked up at his cheery face.

Taeyang Taeyang Taeyang

Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. RepeatVids 2 Jun The agencies of both stars have also confirmed the dating news. April 2, But indeed its april fools again..

Jul 06,  · I haven’t removed the watermarks from the clips I used. Videos of Ji singing in SG as and the market survey pics are from @ponyporridge IG account. Thank you dear. *at there’s a spelling.

Jiyong ah, where do you get your inspiration from? My inspiration automatically comes when I look at Seungri. When she realized it was Kwon Jiyong, she still asked for his autograph even though she was disappointed. He finally stopped and signed for her. After that he ran to catch up with Seungri again. The fan said it was the first time she saw someone sign that fast.

When Seungri did his musical, everybody in YG came to watch him perform. According to some fans, GD came by himself at least twice. Her boyfriend went to the washroom and told her he saw GD and Seungri smiling at each other and brushing their teeth together.

Nyongtory Dating Style

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