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Gary Speed’s heartbroken parents explain why they’ll never recover from losing their son September 18, Seven years on, questions still linger about why football star Gary Speed took his own life at the age of Now his parents Roger and Carol reveal they will never recover. I know he is our lad, but since he has gone we have never heard a bad word said against him. All the time your mind thinks about why. At such an early age, deary me. Speed was manager of Wales when he took his own life Image:

Which British footballer committed suicide because he was gay?

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Since the last time I blogged , the following things have happened: I had another surgery on my shoulder I stayed extremely sick from whatever I contracted on my trip to Cuba and lost 15 pounds I got two blood clots in my arm, one of which was Deep Vein Thrombosis I started a new job and have spent two separate weeks at the corporate office in Florida Our foster son left suddenly, unexpectedly, and painfully. AJ and I got licensed to become foster parents a year ago.

At the time, it seemed like an ideal way to give back to our community, test the waters of parenthood, and move away from being quite as self-centered as we typically are. The reality, obviously, was far more complicated, but take comfort in knowing that we are still equally as self-centered.

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Doglover I don’t really know very much About Gary Speed to be honest, but what we have to remember that the man we saw on television, on the football pitch or wherever we saw him, is only a snippet of who he actually was. The man his friends describe as “having it all” and being happy in his family and professional, life was also only a snippet of the person he actually was. No one truly knows what was going on inside his head, or for how long it had been going on.

People rarely commit suicide on the spur of the moment, especially when it comes to a method which will almost certainly be fatal and takes some planning. The cracks must have been there, and he must have worked very hard to paper over them. None of us have the right to question the decisions anyone makes or speculate about why they may have made them. Something went very wrong in his life, and I am sure he thought very hard about the implications of suicide for his sons, wife and wider family.

He probably made the decision knowing only too well, what he was leaving behind, and knowing only too well how difficult it was going to be for those he left. Undoubtedly, he went through his own process of grieving, when contemplating it. The fact that he made that decision in the full knowledge of what he was losing, as well as what they would lose, shows us what frame of mind he must have been in. It is rarely those who threaten to kill themselves and tell everyone about it, who actually end up doing it.

It is more often the case, that those you think would be unlikely to do it, are the ones who would. When someone is in that situation they are not capable of rational thought – if they were they wouldn’t do it.

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Gary Speed’s widow Louise Speed Image: His wife kept hearing how the football world was struggling to come to terms with the shocking loss of an apparently happy-go-lucky, year-old icon who was not long into his dream job of managing his country, Wales. In new book Gary Speed Unspoken: It was always wine and I felt it helped numb the pain I was suffering.

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Born 8 Sep, Mancot, Flintshire Signs with Leeds and makes debut age 19 Wins First Division with Leeds. Makes apps Makes 65 apps Loses two FA Cup finals. Mark’s a landmark Premier League appearances while at the club

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Gary Speed’s widow Louise Speed talks for the first time about the much loved footballer Image: Gary, her childhood sweetheart, beloved husband, father of her two sons and a footballing icon had hanged himself with a cable, and on the instructions of the emergency services she walked in and cut him down. That scene was like a horror film.

Best games from last 2 months Categories & more Hi there! Did you know there is a Y8 Forum? Speed Dating 2 Adjust Screen Maximize MB Added on 15 dec Played 51, times. Game controls: Speed Dating. Rating: 83% 1,, plays Vanessa’s Naughty Pics. Rating 81%(82).

His wife kept hearing how the football world was struggling to come to terms with the shocking loss of an apparently happy-go-lucky, year-old icon who was not long into his dream job of managing his country, Wales. In new book Gary Speed Unspoken: It was always wine and I felt it helped numb the pain I was suffering. But I could never have done what Gary did. I could never have given up on my two sons. Which makes me think Gary must have been so ill to do what he did.

I was the wife of Gary Speed who had hung himself. How could you act normally? People though, generally, were very good. Was mine and Gary’s song playing a sign? Was it a sign? To be honest it really spooked me out. Whenever the phone went or she received a text message she thought it was him. Gary Speed’s widow Louise Speed talks for the first time about the much loved footballer and Wales manager.

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